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How to Optimize Your Google My Business Page for Success

***Head on over to our Ultimate Local SEO Guide for insanely actionable strategies on optimizing your Google My Business Page in 2016 and a step by step walkthrough on how to rank your local business in Google**** Optimizing your Google My Business Page is the very first step that we at TheSiteEdge take to begin a business’s Local SEO campaign. A lot has changed…

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Google AdWords vs Organic Traffic

Organic traffic and AdWords traffic are two common ways to get more visitors to your site. While both methods can be beneficial to your business, from an internet marketer’s point of view they can accomplish different things. Organic traffic is traffic driven to your website due to your search engine optimization efforts. AdWords traffic is traffic you paid Google for….

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Choosing The Right Social Media Accounts For Your Business

When choosing which social media platforms to use for your business, you first need to find out who your customer is. To find out who your target customer is, you need to look into: age range, buying habits, location, gender, income, and more. After identifying your target customer, you will be able to find out which social media platform these…

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The Truth: Mobile Sites Vs. Responsive Websites

The Importance of Having a Mobile Friendly Website With over 40% of your website’s traffic coming through mobile devices these days, how your site looks on a smartphone or tablet is vital to your digital footprint. The two most common options are dedicated mobile sites and responsive websites. A dedicated mobile site is a separate site from the desktop version…

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Handling Your Own Online Marketing = Red Bull Crashed Ice Race

The Launch You are finally launching your business that took you years to come up with.  Your adrenaline is pumping.  You are envisioning all the success that will come your way in the future.  Your brain is spinning with all the different online marketing ideas that you can use to attract customers.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Blog.  Email.  Fantastic content.  Infographics left and…

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