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4 Great Reasons to Redesign Your Website

By June 15, 2015 February 13th, 2017 No Comments

Your business website is more important than ever in this day and age. That’s why many people are considering the idea of redesigning their websites if it’s outdated or just not getting the job done.

Many however realize that cost to redesign a website is not cheap and it can be a big decision for many businesses, and an even larger investment. In the long run though, the money and time involved should produce results that speak for themselves.

What does it mean to redesign your website?

Redesigning a website doesn’t mean changing every single little thing about it including branding. What it does mean is changing up functionality and feel so that visitors can easily find what they’re looking for. Yes, a more aesthetically pleasing website can do wonders, but websites that are user friendly are 100 times more successful.

Here’s 5 great reasons to redesign your website in the near future:

1) Your site is old and outdated

As we all know, these days technology changes faster than we can wrap our head around it. And that’s why if you had a website built 5 years ago, it probably looks super outdated. The kind of outdated where someone might log onto it and say to themselves “They must have gone out of business!”

If your website looks old, worn down, and oozes the last updated in 2005 factor, it might be time to consider a refresh so customers know that you mean business!

2) Your website isn’t producing results like you want

Maybe your website looks very eye-pleasing and the design is beautiful…but for some reason you’re still not getting the customer results from it like you had hoped for.  A great looking website can be fantastic at times, but if it’s not converting its visitors into customers for your business, then what more is it then just a useless brochure for your services?

It may be time to have someone look at the conversion rates of your website and have them properly tweaked to generate more leads and customers from the traffic coming to the site. Call to actions will need to be properly implemented in order to garner that visitor’s interest and want to know more about your business when they log onto your website!

3) Your website isn’t mobile-friendly

Mobile traffic is taking over the internet and if your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices you could be losing out on big customer conversions and rankings from Google’s new algorithm update that penalizes websites that are no longer mobile friendly.

At TheSiteEdge, our Minneapolis web design team makes all of our websites responsive, meaning they reformat on any mobile or tablet device to be extremely user friendly and in line with Google’s new rules.

4) Your competition has updated their website and is stealing your customer base

Have you noticed that your competition seems to be growing faster than normal and they have a redesigned website that seems to be working? It might be time to play catchup and then take one step ahead of them by generating an online marketing strategy that can help boost you back ahead of them.

Take some time to look at how your competition’s website flows and then meet with an online marketing team that can help to optimize your web presence and grow your customer base.

Think of Your Website Redesign as One of the Best Investments You Can Make

In the end it’s important to remember that doing a redesign of your website isn’t just another cost. It should be thought of as an investment that generates incredible ROI. If it’s done right, your customer base should grow dramatically!

Website Redesign = More Visitors = More Customer Conversions.


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