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Choosing The Right Social Media Accounts For Your Business

By September 19, 2014 February 13th, 2017 No Comments

When choosing which social media platforms to use for your business, you first need to find out who your customer is.

To find out who your target customer is, you need to look into: age range, buying habits, location, gender, income, and more. After identifying your target customer, you will be able to find out which social media platform these individuals frequently use.

Once you know which social media platforms are favorites of potential new customers, you’ll be able to select the best social media accounts for your business. Here is a quick breakdown of a few major social networks:

is facebook the social media platform for youFacebook

Facebook is the largest social media site with over a 1.2 billion users worldwide. The site is continuing to grow, especially within older demographics. Facebook is a must have for nearly every business.

And while Facebook is important for a majority of businesses, local business owners should be paying more attention to their Facebook page. Local clients will seek out your Facebook page for updates, opening times, specials, events, and more.

Facebook also allows businesses to advertise. Facebook advertisements can be quite effective as Facebook has great features allowing you to target certain demographics. Be aware, Facebook ads can become costly.


Twitter is one social network that has been growing like crazy over the past few years. And with over 250 million users, Twitter is huge! Twitter is a great social media platform for niche businesses as every niche has an audience on Twitter.

Twitter allows businesses to place tweets out to all your followers in 140 characters or less. This ensues you get your point across quickly. One key when using Twitter to promote your business is to make sure to Tweet more than once a day.

You can also run advertisements on twitter.

is google plus your social mediaGoogle +

One under utilized social media platform is Google +. And with over 300 million users, the platform is far more popular than many realize. Still, many businesses and people do not use Google+, so you need to be active on the site to find benefit from it.

Google + is a feature rich social media platform and allows users to video chat via Google Hangouts. The site can also do great things for your search engine results. You are using Google after all. Lastly, Google + is a great social media platform for companies in the technology niches.


LinkedIn is the preferred social media platform of business professionals worldwide. The site has over 300 million active users. LinkedIn is a professional social network and thus has a different tone than Facebook or Twitter.

LinkedIn is great if you are looking to make connections and network within your industry. LinkedIn also can help you establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

B2B companies and professionals typically find LinkedIn to be quite useful. While e-commerce stores tend to find less benefit using LinkedIn than other social media platforms.

Perfecting Your Strategy

Once you found your target customer and used the information to select the social media platforms most useful to your business, you will begin to interact with others on your accounts. This can be an exciting aspect of your business, but can also be exhausting. In order to maximize your time when using social media, you’ll want to make sure to:

• Choose who will run the social media side of your business. One person should be in charge of all social media. It could be you, an employee, or you can outsource.

• Have a clear strategy. Develop a social media strategy and schedule that you can reasonably commit to.

Quality over quantity! You do not need to utilize every social media platform out there.

When you’ve perfected your social media strategy, you’ll be able to utilize the platforms to drive sales!

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