(Written by Sam Anthony, CTO of TheSiteEdge)

This may be the simplest About page you will ever see from a digital agency.

That’s because, while we like to flex our “design muscles” when we rebuild our own website, I make a point to reserve the About page to speak directly to you, the business owner, the marketer, the blogger, the startup founder or whatever other role you may be playing at this very moment in time. Here goes.

We are not:
A big sexy agency with 8 people working on the same task at the same time, 7 people sitting in on every one of your meetings, 6 people constantly getting up to get a free beverage out of the awesome-unlimited-beverage-container, 5 people thinking about how much they cannot wait until 5 o’clock, 4 people petting the trendy office dogs, 3 people taking artsy selfies, 2 people playing ping pong on the super-cliché-ping-pong-table-that-all-agencies-have, and 1 person being let go for not “fitting into the culture”. (By the way, I have nothing against ping pong. In fact, I love it.)

What we are:
We are a team of five normal people. We are all friends. Two of us are married to each other. We have families. We don’t have to stress culture — because everyone who works here truly wants to be here. We work out of our homes (most of us, at least). We are really good at web design, development, and SEO. We enjoy many of the things that I listed in the What We Are Not section. We just don’t do them or think about them much when we are working, because work is not work to us. We think we are really fun. We are reasonably priced (somewhere between the cheapest and the most expensive). We love what we do. If we were not all working together, we would be doing it for ourselves because it is one of the craziest, most interesting, most-frustratingly-addictive industries on earth.

Here is a question that I hear quite often:

If TheSiteEdge is so great, then why have you not grown into a prototypical-big-sexy-agency? (not those exact words, but close enough)

Here’s why:

  1. We don’t want that to be our future. Most of us are technical people. We get fulfillment out of building stuff like websites, traffic, rankings, successful ad campaigns and income (for our clients and for our company — they go together).
  2. We like to produce really high quality stuff. And we don’t like mistakes. The cold hard fact is that there is just not enough talent to support all the large digital agencies in town. When agencies grow, they need to bill many more hours just to keep quality at its original level.
  3. We enjoy dedicating some of our work time to running our own websites. That’s right, we are not just an agency, we are also a client of TheSiteEdge. These websites are approximately half of our business and span many industries including travel, local news, and e-commerce. Those websites are what makes us the perfect digital partner for our clients. We use the same techniques for our clients that we do on our own websites. If it works on our sites, we apply it to our client sites.

Here’s a question for you:
Wouldn’t you rather work with someone who actually practices what they preach?

That’s us.


— Sam