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7 Ways To Ensure Your Conversion Rate Explodes

By April 20, 2015 February 13th, 2017 No Comments

When developing your online presence, you should have one simple goal in mind: generating new business. Your website should generate new leads for you or you should be able to sell your products through you website. If you are not doing one or both of these things through your website, you are doing something wrong.

Conversion rates are one aspect of online business often ignored by small business owners. A conversion rate is simply the number of visitors to your site that reach a specific goal. This goal could be making a purchase, entering their email address, or something else. The problem is many businesses do not even know what their conversion rate is.

Simply put, by increasing your conversion rate you will make more money. Here are 7 ways to make sure your conversion rate improves:


Identify Which Product(s) Make You The Most Money

Improving your conversion rate is only important if you want to make more money. The easiest way to make sure you make more money is by attempting to convert on products that make you the most money. Whatever product makes you the most money should be prominently featured on your site. This product should be the initial focus of your improving conversion rates.


Identify Weak Links In Your Marketing Channel

Next, you need to identify the areas in your marketing channel that you are the weakest in. Sketch out your marketing funnel and analyze where you may be weak. This should include your homepage, sales force, product pages, checkout pages, confirmation pages, and much more.


Create Headlines That Benefit Your Customers

Many businesses struggle to create headlines that engage their audience. If a visitor to your site doesn’t like your headline, they will not read any further into the article. The key to writing a good headline is making sure the headline is specific and provides a benefit to the reader.


Web Analytics

You can learn a lot from the web analytics on your site. Many have said there is gold in your log files; you just have to find it. Web analytics is a great way to find out where visitors are going on your site, where they are clicking, and more.


Customer Surveys

One easy way to find out where you may be going astray in your marketing channel is to ask you customers. Put a survey up on your site for a bit and see what your customers think. Your customers know why they ordered a certain product or why they didn’t. Survey monkey is a great survey service.


Split Testing

Split testing is the best way to find out which headlines work for your business and which ones fail. An easy way to do this is through a quick A/B split test. Download a basic split testing software. Write out two headlines. Have half of your customers see one headline, while half see the other headline. Mine the data and see which one works the best.

You can also split test your headlines in advertisements. Google AdWords works well for this practice.


Test High & Low Pricing

Find out what pricing structure brings in the most profits for you. Some products will sell better at a lower cost, while others may need a higher price tag to compel visitors to purchase. There is such a thing as “reassuringly expensive” when customers are buying certain items.

As well, make sure to use nines and sevens in your pricing structure. For some reason these numbers sell better.


Higher Conversion Rate = Higher Profits

By utilizing the tips above, you will see your conversion rate increase. A higher conversion rate will equal more money! Contact us today if you would like to discuss our Conversion Rate Optimization services.

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