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10 Quick Tips To Help You Improve Your Blog

By August 28, 2014 February 13th, 2017 No Comments

Blogging can be a fun and potentially profitable way to find new customers. Blogging can also be frustrating if you don’t initially find the success you were hoping for.

Maybe your blog isn’t growing at the speed you had hoped it would. Maybe you find yourself frustrated by a lack of comments on your posts. Maybe the social media aspect of blogging is becoming exhausting to you.

Blogging is not easy. If you are committed to improving your blog, here are 10 quick tips to ensue you find the blogging success you dreamed of:

Great Writing

This is a no-brainer. If your blog does not provide readers with engaging and compelling content, you will find your traffic dwindling. The first step in developing a great blog is great writing.

Stick To A Schedule

Once you are creating incredible content for your readers, they will come back for more. Yet, you can easily frustrate your dedicated readers by not following a schedule on your blog.

One blog a month is not enough. One blog a week is not enough. Ideally you should be dropping 2-5 new posts each week on a dedicated schedule.

Pay Attention To SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of driving traffic. You should have done keyword research when you began developing your blog. Then you need to work on incorporating long tail keywords into each and every post.

An easy WordPress plug-in that can help you with your blog’s SEO is Yoast SEO.

Use Social Media

Your blog should have links to all your social media sites. You social media sites should all have a link back to your blog. As well, you should be updating your social media accounts each and every time you posts a new article. Sending out a quick tweet about your new post is a great way to drive traffic to your blog.

Submit Your Articles

Once you begin create content on a regular basis, you need to begin submitting your articles to different sites and directories. A few easy sites to begin submitting your articles on are Reddit and StumbleUpon. This will help to drive traffic and will give your blog a chance to go “viral” if one of your articles becomes a hit on either site.

Comment On Other Blogs

Another great way to drive traffic to your blog is by commenting on other blogs within your industry. By commenting on others blogs, you encourage them to do the same. Everyone wants to interact with like-minded people.

Just make sure your comments add value to the post. Do not simply comment on others blogs telling them to visit your site. Write out an engaging and value adding comment that will encourage anyone who reads it to check out your site.

Track Your Stats

It will be difficult to measure the success of your blog without tracking statistics on your site. The easy way to do so is by using Google Analytics. With Google Analytics you will be able to search your traffic, keywords, and more. This will allow you to notice patterns in your traffic, or lack of.

Start An Email Newsletter

Having a large email list is an incredibly value asset to your business. Start an email newsletter giving away a small e-book or guide that could be valuable to anyone interested in your industry.

Continue interacting with this list, giving away valuable information to them for free. When properly used, an email list can drive your business and web traffic.

Use Sub-Headlines

Use sub-headlines in your blog posts to make things easier on readers. Your readers will initially skim your posts to see if anything interests them. By throwing exciting and engaging sub-headlines in your posts, you increase the likelihood they stick around and read your whole article.

Guest Post

Guest posting is another great way to drive extra traffic to your blog. Reach out to influencers in your industry and see if you can post a guest blog on their site. If you provide them with a valuable post then chances are they will post it. If their readers like your article, they will check out your site and give you a traffic boost.

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