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Handling Your Own Online Marketing = Red Bull Crashed Ice Race

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Handling your own online marketing is like racing in a Red Bull Crashed Ice event.

The Launch

You are finally launching your business that took you years to come up with.  Your adrenaline is pumping.  You are envisioning all the success that will come your way in the future.  Your brain is spinning with all the different online marketing ideas that you can use to attract customers.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Blog.  Email.  Fantastic content.  Infographics left and right.  Connecting with other businesses.  Posting on forums.  Answering questions from people seeking info about your product/service.  Being an expert.  This is going to be awesome.


And then it hits you…


Your business is already more than a full time job.  Are you going to run your business?  Or are you going to run the online marketing business that you need to get your business off the ground?  Looks like you are double-booked.


The Choice

You are now facing an obvious choice.  You are the one who has thought of the genius idea for your business.  You have a concept that distinguishes you from every other business in the field (if you don’t, you might as well stop now).  What would happen if you hired someone else to get your business of the ground, while you focused strictly on online marketing?  Fail.  Nobody understands or believes in your business the way you do.  That is what makes small businesses so special.  Small business owners put their own blood, sweat, and tears into their business.  This results in unmatched service and work ethic.  Your business needs you.  And the world needs your business.  Outsource the online marketing.  If you think you can’t afford it, you are wrong.  You can’t afford not to do it.  (P.S. we specialize in small businesses and our prices are set with the small business in mind)


Handling Your Own Online Marketing is Like Racing in a Red Bull Crashed Ice Event

Okay, so we all have seen the commercials about the Red Bull Crashed Ice events, right?  They show about five people on ice skates flying down an olympic bobsled track, making jumps, running into each other, etc.  To be frank, it looks like the best time ever.  That being said, if I were to get up there with 4 other people wearing razor sharp blades on their feet, I know within about a couple seconds of that race starting, I would be singing a different tune.  Handling your own online marketing is like Red Bull Crashed Ice!  It looks and sounds brave, noble, and rewarding, but in all reality (unless you are superhuman), you are putting way to much on your shoulders.  We understand that as small business owners, by nature, you want to take it all on.  The best decision you will ever make:  Find a company or person who you trust and can afford, communicate your online marketing goals to them, and let them execute the plan for you.

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