Blogging for Business

Did you know that the most popular aspect about blogging is that it goes viral because of social media buttons? Did you know that each new blog post adds a new page to the Internet therefore adding more depth to your website and enhancing your search engine optimization (SEO)? In today’s internet-based world, your business has to have a powerful…

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Startup or Small business? Perspective is your starting point!

My Perspective Before the Research I’ve recently learned that my idea of what might be the difference between having a startup business and turning it into an established small business, was nothing close to what I found in my research.  My thought was that every business or new venture starts out as a startup and eventually after certain expectations/milestones are…

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Handling Your Own Online Marketing = Red Bull Crashed Ice Race

The Launch You are finally launching your business that took you years to come up with.  Your adrenaline is pumping.  You are envisioning all the success that will come your way in the future.  Your brain is spinning with all the different online marketing ideas that you can use to attract customers.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Blog.  Email.  Fantastic content.  Infographics left and…

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