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Infographics – Use Them, Build Them, They Get Shared

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What is an Infographic?

Infographics are those awesome images that look like a poster that has been hung up on the internet.  They are used to present a lot of information in a very visual and digestible way.  It is like a powerpoint slide, except way less boring, and a lot more pleasing to the average eye.  To put it simply, infographics are taking over the web.  And rightfully so, they rock.


Building Infographics

Infographics are absolutely possible for the general public to produce.  Most design programs will have plenty of capabilities allowing you to build an awe-inspiring infographic.  If you do not have any design software, check out the online infographic service called Piktochart.  They have a free service that allows you to create some pretty snazzy work.  If you fall in love with that service, you can upgrade to their premium service which gives you the ability to convert your newly created infographics into SEO-friendly HTML.

Why Are Infographics So Beneficial?

Besides being incredibly appealing to your readers, as well as being able to attract the eye of someone who may not have looked at your company otherwise, they are SEO enhancing machines!  They get your site inbound links.  There is nothing I have seen go viral on a more regular basis than well-designed infographics.  While I stand by guest posting as the best method of building links (the quality of link is unmatched), infographics are the best method of gaining a ton of links.

Thanks to Ignite Social Media for the infographic!

Social Media Marketing Infographics

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