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Guest Posting is the Best Link Building Strategy Out There

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If you are wondering why there is a picture of tacos on this page, then you are exactly the person we were hoping would read this article. You will understand soon enough…

This is the third and final section of my three part series on guest posting.  Please leave comments below with some feedback or questions on the ideas I have discussed!  If you missed the first two posts, I would recommend reading through Part One and Part Two.


Building High Quality Links Through Guest Posts

Building in-bound links to your website is not easy.  Building high quality in-bound links is even more difficult.  Guest posting is a way to ensure your in-bound links are of the high quality variety.  Link building is a big part of optimization right now, so you need to have a plan for getting good in-bound links.  You would not be asking to be published on a site without a good reason, right?


Well of course not.  The blog you are applying to, in order to get a guest post opportunity, must have caught your attention.  It has a good reputation.  It has original, new, and very interesting content published on it all day, every day.  You are doing whatever it takes to get in contact with the webmaster and to build a relationship with him/her — it takes work and it probably won’t happen overnight.  These are all good signs that they are not just taking whatever content and links people send them.  You want them to be very selective, and you want to find a way to make them select you — these are the links that will benefit your site the most.


Quality Over Quantity When it Comes to Link Building

I will admit that, in other aspects of my life, there are situations where I choose quantity over quality.  Ex:  When I am really hungry, eating 6 dirt cheap items from the Taco Bell value menu sounds way better than a spinach salad with some chicken breast in it.  (After thinking about this a little more, I am getting the strange feeling that almost all of these quantity-over-quality situations that I find myself in involve Taco Bell).


Link building is one area where I firmly believe that quality is much, much more important than quantity.  The key reason why I believe this is because I want to minimize the work I (or my clients) will have to do in the future.


Yes, maybe you will see some gain in the short run from building massive amounts of links, regardless of their quality.  That being said, you are exposing yourself to a few risks:

  • If the amount of links you are gaining looks unnatural, Google may penalize your site in the rankings.  Building links gradually is always going to be the best practice.  (The fact that you are doing it, will set you apart from the competition.)
  • Right now, the jury is out on the value of certain types of links, but many experts are predicting that spammy or junk links will begin to really hurt websites much more in the near-ish future.


Don’t be the Taco Bell of link building!  I am not 100% sure that makes sense, but I am going to just go with it.  Feel free to let me know, in the comments section below, how bad of an analogy you think this was.


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Guest Posting is the Truth!

Thank you for staying with me through all that.  The moral of the story:  pick a spot for your link, and go after it.  Don’t take the easy way out.  When has taking the easy way ever really been the right answer?  Guest posting is simply the best way to get your link placed on the site that you previously thought would never consider handing over a link to you.  In essence, it allows you extend your reach to websites that most would consider to be on a completely different level than your site.


The Advantage of Guest Posting Over Other Linkbuilding Methods

  • Control over link placement
  • Freely choose your article’s title
  • Control over the anchor text of each backlink
  • You can make sure to put in an anchor title
  • Beautifully worded paragraphs for rich LSI keywords around your backlink
  • Influence user experience through your suggested images to put in your article
  • Control your guest post’s length
  • Affect your AuthorRank by claiming authorship over your guest post
  • The link will not only look great to the search engines, but the link will also bring quality traffic to your website, and lots of it.  That is not the case for spammy, bad incoming links.


As always, thanks for reading and stay tuned, there is plenty more to come!

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