PPC Management Services in Minneapolis MN

Online advertising is one of the various methods to get a piece of that valuable search engine traffic. It also happens to be an incredibly competitive area, and if you are not educated/prepared for it — your funds will get eaten alive. That’s why finding a knowledgeable PPC Management Company in Minneapolis is key to a high ROI for your business. We have seen countless examples of small businesses blowing through their entire PPC advertising budget in a single day. At TheSiteEdge, we have the knowledge, experience and guts that it takes to make your pay per click advertising campaign a successful one.

Complete Pay Per Click Management

TheSiteEdge’s Minneapolis PPC management services ensures that you are getting the face-time your business needs, while applying a meticulous approach to improving your campaign every step of the way. Here are some things you can expect when we manage your Google AdWords campaign:

  • In depth screening to ensure your product or service is a good fit for PPC advertising services.
  • We will need examine the cost to acquire a new customer against the value of acquiring that new customer to determine how profitable you can expect your campaign to be.
  • Consistent monitoring and improvement of your campaign to ensure that it is converting visitors into customers.
  • Thorough keyword research to determine the best value targets. We look for keywords that show “buyer intent.”
  • We write engaging ad copy with the goal of driving clicks to your website
  • Reporting the results to you in an actionable, easy to understand method.
PPC Management Services in Minneapolis

Our Strategy is Based on Data and ROI

The only way to conduct a successful PPC campaign through Google Adwords is by constantly measuring results and implementing changes that improve the ROI of the campaign. We do this through a process called A/B Testing, which means running 2 separate tests to see which one performs better. We then take the test that yielded stronger results and put it up against another “improved” version.

There is no such thing as a perfect campaign, so why stop improving it? Every improvement means more revenue for your Minneapolis business. We won’t rest until you tell us to stop sending so many qualified leads because you are too busy for your own good! (it happens more often than you would think!)

What Can You Accomplish With PPC Advertising?

  • Generate hot, qualified leads for a service based business
  • Drive traffic to specific areas of your e-commerce store
  • Build subscribers to your email marketing campaign
  • Drive traffic to informational pages to educate potential customers
  • Re-target people that have visited your site in the past, but potentially forgotten about you
  • Increase general brand awareness and improve how your brand is perceived

About Our Minneapolis PPC Management Services

TheSiteEdge is an agency that puts our experience and skills into building pay per click advertising campaigns for businesses that produce real, measurable ROI.

Our Minneapolis PPC services are tried and tested to help you grow your customer base to levels you never thought were possible!

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