What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

There are two ways to generate revenue when it comes to online marketing: You can drive more traffic to your site to increase leads or sales (aka Search Engine Optimization), or you can take the traffic you already have and improve its sales effectiveness.

Conversion Rate Optimization or “CRO” focuses on the 2nd part.

With our Minneapolis conversion optimization services, TheSiteEdge evaluates your current website’s sales funnel and finds ways to get a higher percentage of people to sign up for or purchase your product/service.

We Are Minneapolis Conversation Rate Optimization Experts

CRO is super valuable to your business because it generates more sales or leads using the same amount of traffic that is currently coming into the website. So instead of sinking additional hard earned money into pay per click ads or other methods out there, you can focus on your traffic at hand to drive additional sales. TheSiteEdge is here to help.

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Let’s Consider an Example

Let’s say for every 100 visitors to your site currently, 5 of those visitors end up signing up for your services. If your service costs $100, thats $500 in revenue per 100 visitors to the site.

Now, say you let TheSiteEdge optimize your site and your conversion rate ends up becoming 10 customers per 100 website visits. Your revenue just went up to $1000 per 100 visitors. You just doubled your conversion rate!

How do we do it?

Improving optimization rates can be as simple as testing the colors of different buttons, changing single words in call-to-actions and even changing out images that are more customer friendly. The key to conversion rate optimization is Testing. We test everything we can until we’ve found you the solution to your conversion problem.

We come up with new pages, call to action buttons, or images to test against the current versions on your website to see which ones are more effective at converting visitors to customers. We’ll then implement the higher percentage outcome.

Conversion Rate Optimization services from TheSiteEdge are a great option if you already have a great business website with traffic, but just aren’t getting the sales or leads that you should be.

About Our Minneapolis Conversion Services

TheSiteEdge consists of a group of skilled internet marketers that are here to help you grow your business and its online presence.

Our conversion rate services have one goal: Get you more customers. Don’t wait around! Let’s get started.

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