Why Content Writing is Important

Online content writing is what is looked at under a magnifying glass by each and every person that comes into contact with your online marketing platforms. From visitors to search engines, being meticulous about what you are writing is the most important part of your online presence. Great content writing is what establishes a solid foundation for your website, social media campaigns, blogging and other avenues.  Content Marketing is the delivery of information to prospects and customers that will drive consumer action which, in turn, increases revenue.  Content marketing can also be described as the idea of sharing content as a means of persuading decision-makers.  Great content writing is required for powerful Organic SEO and Local SEO results. With having powerful SEO results, your visibility becomes increasingly more prominent. Are you starting to see how everything is all connected?

Why Our Minneapolis Content Writing Services Work

Search engines like Google and Bing bow down to quality and accurate web content more than ever before.  Content is King. What you put on your pages matters. There’s no such thing as fluff anymore. Your content needs to drive your users to take action, to read, to learn, and to do something about it. That is what quality content writing does. And that’s why TheSiteEdge is here to help.

Our content is user focused. We know what the website visitor is looking for as soon as they get to the page. And when they get there, that’s when we go to work and make sure they either stay there or contact you!

There are many different kinds of content we offer, but the most important would be the following:

  • Quality Webpage Content
  • Email Marketing Content
  • SEO Campaign Content (Landing pages)
  • Social Media Writing
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Content Writing Improves Your Reputation

Great web content will demonstrate your knowledge of your product, industry and other complementary products or services.  Ask yourself these questions when you are thinking about how to expand the content possibilities for your website:

  1. Do you think having a reputation that you are incredibly knowledgeable on your industry is important?
  2. Is it important to you for people to know that they can not only come to you for your specific product or service, but also that they can use you as a resource for other things that compliment your product?

Having great content on your website and sharing it through your social media campaigns is a must to accomplish this.  Having a leadership role in your industry gets people talking about you and your business which, in turn, leads to results!

Content Management and Social Media

Managing your content, after your initial web content on the website has been published, plays a large role in continuing to climb up the ladder in SEO.  Updating and changing old content out for new content is necessary every 3-4 months, or this will be viewed negatively by search engines.  Content management is an ongoing task and should be paired with the use of social media.  Social media should be a huge part of your web marketing plan.  Having a detailed social media strategy paired with great web content writing can be what excels your business to the top of your industry and gets everyone talking about the interesting information you are bringing to their laptops, iPads and smartphones.

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About Our Minneapolis Content Writing Services

TheSiteEdge provides content that is cutting edge, relevant, and informative.  It’s all in the writing! How do we start our writing for you?  We utilize valuable skills we have acquired over the years, along with our natural creative talents to produce what we like to describe as artistic writing – beautiful and intelligent.  Imagination, creativity and resources that can give us insight into your specific product, service or cause are some of the traits we rely on to write cutting edge content.

“Content marketing can help you achieve a variety of business goals. These can include but aren’t limited to: imagination/brainstorming leadership, lead generation, increasing direct sales, introducing specific brand language and improving customer retention.”

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