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How To Determine Your ROI On A Web Design Project

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It can be difficult to determine the return on investment of your web design and SEO efforts. Still, in order to maximize your marketing dollars you must figure out if your are getting results you desire from your website.

Just like any return on investment calculation, you will be looking at the money spent compared to money generated. When looking into money spent on your website, you are looking at the amount of time it took to create. A website’s cost is directly correlated to the amount of time it took someone to create it. The more complexities on your website, the higher the price.

The results from your web design project come in the form of direct revenue generation due to sales from an e-commerce store or generating new leads for your business.

To accurately determine the ROI of your website design project, you want to look at a few variables:


Creation Cost

The main cost of a web deign project is the cost of creating the website. These costs will vary depending on the website you want created. This will give you a baseline to determine your ROI.

Maintenance Cost

The next cost you must consider when determining your web design ROI is maintenance costs. These costs can vary as well. Depending on the amount of content marketing and advertising you do, you could spend nothing on maintenance or you could spend millions.


The easiest way to determine your ROI on a web design project is by the number of visitors to your site. If you built a site that was designed to be search engine friendly, then you are more likely to see positive results from a web design project. Still, traffic is ultimately more of a marketing activity than a web design one.

Conversion Rate

While traffic is more in the realm of marketing, conversion rates are directly correlated to web design. The best way to see if your web design project was a good investment is by the sales you make and the leads you generate. By properly designing your website, you ensure high conversion rates and more sales.

In The End

When you calculate your ROI on your web design project, you will begin to realize the value of a great website. While some business owners try to pinch pennies when developing their online presence, the value of a great web design can dramatically change your business.

A few small changes in your online business practices could translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars over the lifespan of your website!

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