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Responsive Web Design Importance

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What is responsive design?

importance of responsive web design with the site edgeResponsive Web design is constructed so that it can fit on any platform, from small mobile phone screens to large computer monitors. Therefore, eliminating the hassle of having multiple website platforms for each device your website could possibly be viewed on.

Mobile Device Usage is Growing

More and more people everyday are using their mobile phone to search the web. I’m sure you’ve noticed people are attached to their phones, they take them everywhere. Not only do they have mobile phones all the time most now have smart phones which allow for anywhere, anytime internet access. Having easy access to the web anywhere they are drives them to continue to use their phone for quick web searches.  According to an online study, 85 percent of adults believe that a company’s website should be as good or better then their desktop website because they are being viewed more frequently. Regarding the increase in mobile phone uses just recently evolving, businesses with websites that are created solely for computer screens only are loosing a percentage of their possible clients that prefer to search only using a mobile phone or tablet.

Non-Responsive websites can turn away possible business opportunities

If perhaps someone is in a cab heading for town and they drive past a business that interests them, they can pick up their smart phone right away and learn more about this company just by accessing their responsive mobile friendly website. A clear example of why the use of tablets and mobile devices are becoming a leading source for internet traffic. In fact, mobile traffic alone is already making up sixteen percent of web traffic and that number does not include tablet devices. Scenario to consider, say you currently have a business website that is non-responsive and you want to solely create a separate website for mobile only, that’s still less effective then having a simply responsive website for two reasons. The first reason is that it will still only exists on mobile and desktop, which leaves tablet users without the ability to view your website. The second reason is that the website being built specifically for mobile sometimes tends to lose some important detail or scheme that works so well in the desktop version. Thus having a responsive website, these problems will not occur and the viewer will enjoy knowing that they are not missing out on any information and your branding will stay efficient, everyone is winning with  responsive web design.

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