Why Email Marketing Matters

Email marketing is not dead. It is more alive than ever before. Keeping your customers informed of what is going on with your business along with any other information your customers may be itching to know should be done through email. If your consumers want to stay connected, there is not a more effective way to do it than email marketing.

A study from Nielsen reported that 28% of US online shoppers subscribe to company emails in order to be updated and informed.  And if rewards or coupons are offered in emails, that number goes up a staggering amount. Email marketing should be a mainstay of any business that wants to reap the benefits of inexpensive marketing.

What our Minneapolis Email Marketing Services Focus On

Besides the initial web design and SEO services the majority of our clients at TheSiteEdge start with, email marketing tends to be the next big player in the game that converts leads into customers. Here are some major points we focus on when it comes to our customers’ email marketing campaigns:

  • Reaching consumers on mobile platforms – a majority of cell phone users access email from their phones
  • Focusing on branded and valuable email content that drives sales
  • Personalizing emails so customers feel valuable when receiving them – which in turn drives loyalty
  • Focusing on inexpensive email tactics that drive leads and sales like you’ve never seen them before
email marketing services in Minneapolis

About Our Minneapolis Email Marketing Services

Reap the benefits of email marketing with TheSiteEdge’s help. Our services help you establish a connection with your customers. Don’t bother them with monthly newsletters – enhance their user experiences by sending them brilliant and rewarding content filled emails that help drive your sales revenue to numbers that you never thought were possible!

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