seo case study #1

What is the best possible scenario for a website that generates income by providing local businesses with qualified leads? Tons and tons of free organic traffic.

TheSiteEdge worked with to put together an organic SEO strategy that would set them up to grow at a rapid pace. By determining the correct keywords to target and developing an effective outreach strategy, TheSiteEdge and FunThingsToDo were able to build more than 300 backlinks from authoritative websites in 10 months.

This process resulted in going from a brand new website to a powerhouse that receives over 140,000 organic visits per month (just from Google).

SEO Case Study on

Real Screenshots of Real Results.

There is nothing more transparent than showing screenshots of organic Google rankings. This graph shows the collective rise of 132 keywords that we monitored throughout the campaign — as you can see, rankings increased more than 3,000 spots in Google. This is by no means a complete list of keywords that this website ranks for (that would be closer to 5,000 keywords).

organic ranking increases

The next screenshot showcases the website’s organic traffic on a month-to-month basis. This chart covers this website’s first 10 months in existence. Pretty impressive stuff!

For those of you that are still skeptical, here is a snapshot of some of the keywords that this site really ranked for at the end of our initial campaign. The screenshot even shows the amount of times each keyword is searched every single month. These are big, very competitive keywords.