Begin Again Coaching is a perfect example of how important on-page SEO can be for local businesses.

This website had all the metrics that it needed to rank well in Google, yet the results just were not there. When we began this project, we decided that on-page SEO was the reason why the rankings were not where they should have been, so it was a huge focus throughout the project.

We made the site cleaner, more modern, more thorough and separated (or siloed) out the various services so it was more clear to Google which pages should rank for specific keywords. This yielded huge results over the course of 4 months.

SEO case study for Begin Again Coaching

Real Screenshots of Real Results.

Here you can see a screenshot of the organic Google rankings from the beginning of the project. This graph shows the collective rise of 30 keywords that we monitored throughout the campaign — as you can see, rankings increased more than 350 spots in Google.

organic google rankings for begin again coaching

The next screenshot displays the website’s organic traffic growth. We are talking about nearly 100% growth just from re-working how the website was set up.

begin again coaching organic traffic

And lastly, a list of the keywords that we monitored throughout the project along with their individual growth in Google search results.