Web Development, Simplified

Listen up, this is where we separate ourselves from the rest of the pack!  We take 90% of the development and coding out of the website building process.  If you are wondering how we do that, it’s pretty simple — we start with a solidly coded and extremely functional framework.

Some might describe this as the skeleton or concept.  Everything within the web development is customizable and specific features and alterations will be made to your website skeleton during the design process.  You never have to deal with issues with the coding because they have been discovered and fixed already!

This is a process that has been implemented by many of the most successful new companies, worldwide.  By having a standard core to our websites, we are able to constantly improve one product (instead of hundreds), implement features that all of our customers want, and improve on our current features that are the basis for why our clients chose us to begin with.  What does this result in?


web development in minneapolis

About Our Minneapolis Web Development Services

Your options are vast.  During your initial consultation with TheSiteEdge we will already have several web development options picked for you to choose from.  We then put together a plan and web design built around quality and cutting edge results, all while being tailored to fit your time frame and budget!

With the strategic process developed by the master minds behind TheSiteEdge, you will see all the different website functionality, layouts and features needed to fit your business needs, sync well with your content management system and give you a polished brilliant look.

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